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We are - above all else - realists. Yes, we are fitness people. We have hustled for the muscle for a long time. Perhaps more importantly, we know what it’s like to balance the respective demands of business, family, and personal time. We recognize that sometimes you just need a glass of wine at the end of the day or a couple of beers with your buddies. We have mastered the fine art of self-care without compromising overall wellness. We also have experience navigating the “apart-ness” of this virtual moment, and we are committed to creating positive communities within this space. We believe - passionately - that this is the perfect time to recalibrate how we think about being, well, WELL. 


30 years of fitness experience. Three masters degrees. Myriad health and wellness certifications. A whole lot of heart.


carter collins


A high school athlete, Carter joined a local gym in Charlottesville while completing her first degree at the University of Virginia. While continuing her studies in the School of Nursing, a friend recommended learning to instruct classes under the guise of a free gym membership. Juggling a full time career as a nurse and starting a family, exercise and personal time became tough to find. Carter leaned on her side gig as a fitness instructor to fulfill those important pieces of her life. As the demands on a mother of four became larger, Carter shifted from a full time career as a nurse, to a full time career in fitness. Working for several club chains spanning three states, she worked to create programming and to coach a 700+ instructor team to deliver world class experiences in every class, every time. Full of wellness hacks for the busy professional and the busy Mom, Carter is thrilled to share her expertise with you!

maggie donnelly

CPT & certified nutrition coach

No matter where life has taken Maggie, fitness has been a rewarding constant. Her very first job at fourteen was working at the front desk of a gym in Santa Ana, California. She began personal training while at college at Northwestern University in Chicago, and brought that experience with her to New York City where she ran bootcamps in Central Park while pursuing her acting career. A third move to Washington, DC saw major developments in Maggie’s passion for health: she became a group fitness instructor, built a ballet-barre curriculum while working at several studios in the area, and ran a booming concierge personal training business. She spent her mornings at gyms and her nights in theaters. Finally, Mag moved to North Carolina to get her masters degree (in and around fitness classes, of course!). Most recently, Maggie has combined her film production experience with her fitness know-how to build a virtual fitness wing for a large mid-Atlantic gym chain. She believes that fitness is for all and she cannot wait to share her life-hacks and fitness-is-fun attitude with you.  

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